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4 Basic Steps to Improve Your Recruitment Process

As a rec2rec I am part of, and observe, many of my clients’ own recruitment processes. I often wonder why they don’t execute the same process internally as they often do externally for their clients. As we know a good recruitment process, which identifies the best hire, requires a significant investment of time, strategy and skill to secure the right person for your job. On the surface it may seem a simple procedure but as many rec2recs will tell you, it is growing more difficult every day. It has never been more important to optimise and improve your recruitment process.

Recruiting your own recruiters is still about building strong relationships with potential hires, encouraging referrals and widening your network. It’s about multiple touch points and building brand awareness over time. But you don’t have to be a global recruitment agency, with deep pockets to have strong brand awareness. Some of my smaller clients have done simple cost-free things consistently and are now growing faster than their bigger rivals. Positive brand awareness equates to recruitment savings. As the saying goes “your network, is your net worth.”

Over the coming months I’ll be sharing with you how I’ve built my network as a rec2rec. A network that is still profitable 12 years in to business and 25 years on as a recruiter.

To help you get started, you will need to put these basic steps to improve your recruitment process in place.

Step 1 to Improve Your Recruitment Process – Be Competitive in Every Way You Can

Look at every part of your business and recruitment process before you start to recruit and make sure it’s competitive. You don’t have to pay the highest base salary or highest commission structure and send your biggest billers to New York to win the war on recruitment talent, but you do need to be on par.

For example, one of my clients revised their benefits program to over 30+ tangible benefits. There is something for everyone and that will result in attracting a larger pool of recruitment talent. You don’t need to give it all away like a gift hamper when the person starts. They can be eligible on tenure, but you do need a tick in every box. People don’t have to ‘back themselves’ these days, that’s the equivalent of saying “We will not pay market rate” so review all the components you can offer: base salary, package, commission, bonus, visas, working hours, flexibility, job share, remote working, gym, childcare, health insurance, income protection, tools of trade, LI license, annual leave, parental leave, paid maternity leave, charity leave, doona days, incentives, trips overseas – and the list goes on. If you don’t have most of these covered, you won’t be competitive in the current market, and you won’t attract the recruiters your competitors are.

Step 2 – Post Interesting Job Ads

For some reason my clients can write great job ads for their clients, but sometimes fall short on their own. Often their ads seem rushed and tired. A job ad is often a potential candidate’s first impression of you, so it’s important that it is believable and compelling. Do follow a generic ad template that consists of job title, details and reasons for joining. Candidates expect to see certain information in similar places from ad to ad and won’t work through endless, long paragraphs to find it, or assume content if you can’t be bothered to write it.

The ad must sing your USP’s. But honestly, most of my clients don’t have true USPs. I often hear the same reasons the owner of the business thinks someone will join from client meeting to client meeting and they’re not unique. So, again – it is important that you work out what they are. Sit the staff down and make sure your USPs are tangible, simple, and varied as above. One or more needs to appeal to a potential candidate. It can be a Culture Club on a Friday afternoon, a later start to allow for drop offs, or to accommodate a gym session in daylight. It can also be breakfast supplied, or paying for home IT access. Many of these don’t cost a lot.

Step 3 – Take Advantage of Social Media

Social media platforms are some of the cheapest ways to reach and connect with potential candidates and build brand awareness. Some of my start up clients have had no choice but to rely on these cheaper forms of marketing. Within 2 years they have saved themselves close to $100,000+ in recruitment fees and now have specialist teams of size. For many, all they have done is post images of what they are doing. It hasn’t been hard, everyone takes team photos and selfies, but they have published these consistently and have varied the content. It’s not just the big biller lunches at Café Sydney, but it’s someone’s first placement, their birthday or their LinkedIn testimonial…and they have named them. Some clients seem reluctant to do that in case a staff member is headhunted. My view point is that if you have a great culture then a social media post showing their first placement should not result in attrition!

And remember you’re not on social media just for brand awareness, when you post that photo of your recruiter’s achievement it will be seen by the 79% of job applicants using social media for their job search. Getting active on social media is one way you can quickly have an impact and improve your recruitment process.

Step 4 – Optimise Your Interview Process

In such a recruiter-short market it can be easy to fall into the trap of the candidate qualifying themselves out of the role versus qualifying themselves in, you are so desperate to hire. Understand the key requirements for the role and screen consistently against them. Read the CV, look at their social media presence, build a picture of who they are, and prepare for the interview – it sounds so basic but so many of my clients still meet candidates ‘on the fly’ calling me minutes before the interview to re-send the person’s CV.

Hiring this person will be one of the biggest investments you make – you don’t sell anything else except the skills of your consultant to your client, and we all know hiring them is the easy bit, trying to move them on is harder.

During the interview maintain a balance between who is talking and the technical qualification questions versus emotional intelligence – motivation, willingness to learn and temperament are often just as important, or even more so than their understanding of their market and previous billings.

Make sure your interview process has different components – the recruitment process for a lot of my clients is 2-3 interviews, the only difference is the title of the person the recruiter is meeting, they get more senior. If you are a good recruiter, you can tell a consistent story when each interviewer is really asking the same questions about your background.

Have your hiring managers speak between interviews on areas that should be delved into for the next interview – don’t say “I didn’t want to influence the next interviewer” – you do. Make sure at least one meeting has behavioural based questions and is structured and maybe consider using psychometric testing or at least an assessment tool. Look at a group interview or team interview and even a social gathering. You need to be able to see this person from a 360º viewpoint.

By adopting some or all of these basic practices to improve your recruitment process, you will be on your way to attracting better recruiters for your roles. As we all know in the current market, it has to be a team effort to hit your growth targets. For many of our clients, McCall Norris is their most successful rec2rec, but often we can only keep up with their attrition, not manage their growth as well. By putting these steps in place you will also help us do our role to support you by building a compelling brand and process.

If you need an experienced and trusted recruiter, McCall Norris offers excellent rec2rec services in Australia and globally. We work with our clients on a contingent, client assisted, exclusive, retained, ad search and search basis, placing recruitment professionals from trainee to CEO level.  Get in touch and let’s discuss your requirements today.
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