Julie O’Neill – Joint Managing Director


Julie is based in our Regional office and is Joint Managing Director.  Julie deals with Senior/Director level appointments, Joint Ventures, Mergers & Acquisitions nationwide.

How long have you been in recruitment?

I too fell into recruitment, as was so common about 25 years ago, after a spell at the BBC. I was the youngest hire Select Appointments (now Randstad) had made. I was out to prove myself so being a Branch Manager of the number one office at 24 (and I had already had my daughter) was the most natural thing in the world to me!

Tell us about your previous experience before becoming a rec2rec?

I disappointed my parents when I didn’t undertake a degree, so having a good career and demonstrating that I could manage well and build a successful future was paramount – the BBC after a couple of years clearly wasn’t going to give me that.

How did you become a rec2rec?

I had a productive career at Select Appointments, I ran the number one branch and had a good region. Afterwards McCall placed me at an American owned Adecco specialist brand in accounting and finance – their most profitable division.  It was interesting going to the US for management meetings – they really do live to work typically.  After a few years I decided to re-approach McCall, as the UK business was small in comparison, and the owners insisted I work for them running the UK regional business and launching Senior Appointments.  At first I was surprised as I had only worked for two companies and they were both international corporates – here was a niche independent…. The first fee I generated in 1999 was for £10k, funny how you remember these details!

What makes you a great rec2rec?

I always have a good eye for a perfect match and I have a lot of industry knowledge – its more than just the fact I’ve done the job, I am, and have always been, very entrepreneurial.  I spot gaps in the market and aim to fill them. That’s why McCall have moved into M&A, Joint Ventures, Board Appointments, Outsourcing – we are so much more than an introducer of consultants and branch managers (although the core still prevails of course!) I am honest, resourceful, generally positive and totally passionate about the sector. I am a glass half full recruiter at heart!