Nick Bancroft – Joint Managing Director


Nick is based in our London office and is Joint Managing Director. Nick deals with Senior/Director level appointments on a nationwide basis as well as the Professional Services market in London at all levels.

How long have you been in recruitment?

My first role in recruitment was 21 years ago and like many people I fell into recruitment by accident – a client with whom I worked was in recruitment and asked me to go and talk to them, so I did and they offered me a job!

Tell us about your previous experience before becoming a rec2rec?

After university I started to train to be an accountant and although I could do the work, I did not really enjoy it so I moved into advertising sales and then worked for a sales and management training company.  My first role in recruitment was as a Director for a high street recruitment company with responsibility for over 30 locations.  After 2 years I decided that I wanted to be a specialist rather than a generalist recruiter and worked in London for Alexander Mann as MD for some of their divisions.  I was then approached about an opportunity to join the global brand of Robert Walters and it was here that I first met Lisa.

How did you become a rec2rec?

When I left Robert Walters I was not sure what I wanted to do in recruitment so I registered with McCall as a candidate and after a couple of weeks I had some job offers – at the last moment I was asked by the owners of McCall if I had considered rec2rec, which I had not.  I met the management team and was really bought into the idea of placing recruiters and now the rest is history – I have been at McCall since 1998.  Over the years McCall has become part of a larger group of companies and has expanded globally.

What makes you a great rec2rec?

Being able to give advice to a recruiter is never an easy task as at the end of the day they are sales people and therefore often have their own strong opinions – after 17 years at McCall I am able to add value not just at a superficial level but I am viewed as an industry expert.  Even after all these years I still have both clients and candidates who can be extremely challenging!