We work with our clients on a contingent, client assisted, exclusive, retained, ad search and search basis, placing recruitment professionals from trainee to CEO level.  We’ve hired and placed thousands of recruiters and this personal experience means we know what it takes to be a great recruiter.  And we also know how to attract, identify, hire and retain them. We’ll help you hit the mark.

This is a unique service that our clients love (and many have adopted!)  In the 2nd month of your placement’s time with you, we’ll ask to conduct a face to face review with both yourself and the placement. We’ll cover off as many as 20 retention actions, to ensure both you and the placement are enjoying your working relationship.

With increasing visibility for clients of potential recruiters through social media, surprisingly more clients are working with us, versus approaching candidates direct, to identify these people in the market. They choose us to avoid making direct contact with the candidate, or if they don’t feel they have the time or skill. And by conducting this initial research themselves, they save 1/3 of our professional services fee.

Own a business but worried you can’t take a break? For many of our SME clients, being an owner/manager can have its shortcomings when you lack management support within your team. Often this can manifest in poor business results after a well-earned break, and is often such a deterrent that most of our clients simply won’t take one. We have access to CEOs from both boutique and listed companies, that can not only “babysit” your business while you are away, but in many cases can build on your results.

The recruitment industry is larger than the current number of people in it. We’ve created The Talent Centre to help balance demand and supply.


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