Management Consulting

We’ve run businesses both privately owned and publically listed, in Australia and the UK.  Looking after teams of up to 110 staff and turnovers of up to $170m, we know about the ebb and flow of big recruitment business.  There is not a single aspect of a recruitment business we can’t provide insight on and help you with, from employer branding to commission scheme development.  A number of popular areas we’d love to assist you with include:

Exit InterviewingExit interviews are a valuable tool for gathering information from departing employees about what your organisation is doing well, and what its’ not.  You need their feedback – why? It is a key element to improving your business and it is rare you will get feedback as honest as an exit interview.  To ensure an exiting employee feels comfortable to do so, using us as an independent third party provides a neutral environment for feedback.  We are skilled in facilitating exit interviews on behalf of our clients, and will develop an appropriate exit interview form for your organisation, conducting the interview, onsite or at our offices.
Business PlanningWhy do so many people run their business without any knowledge of what they want or how they are going to achieve it?  Writing a business plan will ensure you think about, and document, not only the broad operational and financial objectives you have for your business but it will also ensure you spend time relating this in detail to budgeting, staff expenditure, capex and all related business costs both short term and long term. In a valuable half day facilitated workshop we’ll work with you through a comprehensive and proven business plan format used by listed and small businesses alike.
Retaining StaffThe key to retaining staff is to understand why good staff stay, thus providing a culture that discourages good staff from leaving.  To do this you must understand what good staff want and conversely what would make good staff resign.  In 2 half day training sessions, we’ll work through key retention elements and look at what benefits and incentives you can offer staff to incorporate into their lifecycle with you.
Want to go out on your own?When considering going out on your own, you must seek sound advice to aid your success.  From securing your domain names to ensuring you have financial backing and at times can go without a salary, going out on your own can be exciting and rewarding, but also incredibly daunting.  Not only have we managed recruitment companies, Lisa Norris has gone out on her own, and experienced all of this first hand. Each week we consult with prospective new business owners on key considerations when going out on your own, and help them determine whether they have the skill set and financial strength to do so.