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Remote Interviewing Tips for Candidates

You Own Your Response And Your Contribution - McCall Norris
July 31, 2020 4:06 pm

Have you been searching for up to date interviewing tips when interviewing remotely? Set yourself up for success and try these remote interview tips for presenting yourself to a potential employer in the best way possible via video link. Remote Interview Tip 1: Preparation is key – do a test run. Check your software works…

You own your response and your contribution

Remote Interviewing Tips for Candidates - McCall Norris
July 29, 2020 8:45 pm

“You own your response and your contribution” - Greg Savage. I read this comment recently from Greg Savage and it resonated with me.  Some people always have someone or something to blame for why? Why they aren’t successful, why their desk is not where they want it to be, why that client is not dealing…

The Value of your CRM in Recruitment

Best Recruitment CRM McCall Norris Recruitment to Recruitment
July 14, 2020 12:48 pm

 “As with any recruitment agency, you’re in a competitive environment. When you’re putting information in, you need to be able to get it out fast because your competitors are all trying to get to theirs as well. It’s a case of who can get to that candidate first. So the speed of access to information…

4 Basic Steps to Improve Your Recruitment Process

Basic Steps to Improve Your Recruitment Process | McCall Norris
October 22, 2019 4:38 pm

As a rec2rec I am part of, and observe, many of my clients’ own recruitment processes. I often wonder why they don’t execute the same process internally as they often do externally for their clients. As we know a good recruitment process, which identifies the best hire, requires a significant investment of time, strategy and…