July 31, 2020 4:06 pm

Remote Interviewing Tips for Candidates

Have you been searching for up to date interviewing tips when interviewing remotely? Set yourself up for success and try these remote interview tips for presenting yourself to a potential employer in the best way possible via video link.

Remote Interview Tip 1: Preparation is key – do a test run.

Check your software works and that your video, microphone and bandwidth are good enough so you are audible and visible when speaking. Make sure your devices are fully charged. Be on time, or even a little early if possible, and ensure that you have set aside enough time to complete the interview.

Tip 2: Avoid last-minute changes where possible

If you don’t feel well, or need to cancel for any other reason, let your consultant know, or the client know, as early as possible. It can always be rescheduled so you present your best, but it is much better to do so in advance. Avoid canceling your interview last-minute wherever possible.

Tip 3: Look the part

Find a suitable place to sit, where your video background will appear as professional as possible. Dress appropriately in corporate attire. Bear in mind your posture, body language and that you appear in the full frame of the camera.  Even though they can see you video interviewing is not the same as face to face, you have to try a little harder to build rapport and engage.

Tip 4: Don’t get distracted

Turn off any devices that you aren’t using for the interview – your phone, radios or TV. If you share a house with others, let them know that you will be busy, and ask them to keep the noise down.  Things can happen outside of your control – your child may need your attention, the dog starts to bark – these can be things that show a bit about you personally so try and laugh them off.

Tip 5: Know your stuff

As with a face to face interview, research the company as much as possible before the interview and remember you can always get more tips and information from your consultant. With video interviewing you are limited as you can’t see the office, see their branding, feel the culture or meet the team so some clients are relying more heavily on what you have researched, your knowledge of their content online.

Tip 6: Be you!

Be proficient and professional but also let your personality shine through! As the saying goes, no one does you, quite like you and if you have to pretend to be someone to suit the role, then the role is probably not for you.  So make sure to be yourself, and give the client a real insight into what kind of colleague you will be and what you can bring to the team, both professionally and personally.

Tip 7: Things happen

It is also important to remember that sometimes, things happen. This is especially true when relying on technology. If something goes wrong during the interview which is out of your control, don’t panic, you won’t be judged for it, or discounted. Pick yourself back up and move on!

Tip 8: The end

Ask any questions that you have and thank the client for their time. Then give your feedback to your consultant, it is important to be honest, you need to be as sure about the job as they need to be sure about you.

If you follow the above remote interview tips, you will be on your way to securing your next job in no time!

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