April 20, 2015 12:41 pm

So who is McCall Norris?

We’re the combination of McCall, a major recruitment to recruitment specialist in the UK and globally, and Norris & Partners, a leading recruitment to recruitment specialist locally. In 2013 when Norris & Partners rebranded I blogged “it was all about the next 5 years” and this is part of that journey.  Norris & Partners, I hope I can say, has a good brand in the local market, known for ethics and quality hiring.  However our shortcoming is not having enough candidates to meet our clients’ demand, and being a small business, only having so much bandwidth especially when it comes to international reach.

McCall UK will provide this. With offices in the UK (London and Regional) and Singapore, they provide a global footprint for both our candidates and clients. They have a history of placements worldwide covering Europe, Asia, America and the Middle East.

And I’ve known the business for a long time – one of the Managing Directors and I worked together many years ago at Robert Walters in London so I feel really comfortable with this union and believe it can only bring great things for everyone in our network.  We’ll still operate as we do today providing a highly professional service and our assessment centres as one unique offering, however we are part of a much bigger group that will benefit all.

I’m excited by this change and I hope by doing this McCall Norris can provide greater candidate supply to our clients and opportunity.

I’d love to hear if you intend to look for work offshore, or need staff offshore, so I can introduce you to the McCall UK and Asian teams.  And remember, please Like us on Facebook and Follow Us on LinkedIn so we can keep communicating and sharing experiences.

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