May 27, 2013 7:00 am

It’s all about the next 5 years!

They say 30% of small businesses fail in their first year of inception and this figure goes to 50% by year three.  In recruitment I’ve read it’s one in four in their first twelve months, and up to 80% in their first three years if the owner expected a return!  Well in 2009, just over a year into opening Norris & Partners, I gave myself 4 days to get money in the door or it was going to shut behind us!

So now I can happily say we’ve not only survived our first five years, but we’re rebranding and are opening new doors into new markets, and providing new services to our clients and candidates as our next phase!  It’s an exciting time for us as we rebrand, we’ve done a lot in five years but “we’re stepping it up” and are proud to introduce a new brand to reflect this (let’s face it our website has been out of date!)

When we started I wanted us to provide high quality recruitment talent (experienced and new to market) to the best brands in Australia, and to take advantage of the network I had built over 20 years which had provided me with a great professional recruitment career,  so as to help others.  I think we have achieved this and thanks to Carmen in Sydney and Ariane in Melbourne, our bandwidth to do this will continue to grow in Australia and now, overseas.  We also introduced The Talent Centre, our initiative to provide B2B sales people as “rookies” to the industry via a tailored recruitment assessment centre – a success and a first! We have provided over 30 new recruiters to the industry and that number will continue to grow.

I wanted to make happy placements – a simple mission statement I know, but I didn’t want to hear any candidate say “the role I was promised is not what I am doing” – at the end of the day if you are happy at work, you come home happy too! I think we are responsible for this, mentoring people’s careers so they flourish at work, and I think Norris & Partners has achieved this for the vast majority of our placements.

And I wanted to give back the industry, and know in doing that, we’re doing a good job – we’ve achieved this, we’re one of the most recommended rec2recs in Australia and I take pride in the fact that words or phrases such as “knowledgeable, well versed, great listeners, excellent communicators, integrity, openness, professionalism, ethical, supportive, respectful, genuine and honest” are repeatedly used in recommendations provided to us.

We’ve taken heed from this, as at the end of the day it doesn’t matter really what I wanted the company to be, it’s how what we do has resonated with our clients and candidates and that is what the new brand emulates.

So let’s talk brand.   What’s ours about?  To start you’ll see a circle – which is all about managing a recruitment professional’s career holisticallly.  N&P – that’s what most people call us! The Recruiters’ Recruiter – who we are.   And four quadrants – candidates and clients – our two partners, The Talent Centre – our initiative to transition quality B2B sales professionals into recruitment, and Management Consulting – the next step to who we are to the recruitment industry.

We’re a professional services business to the recruitment industry.  And we’re launching a number of key initiatives to provide a wider service offering to our client and candidate base.  So watch this space as I launch each initiative into the market over the next coming months starting with our Sydney Talent Centre, running 23 July 2013, where through a thorough assessment centre process, new to the market recruiters are put through their paces!

I want to say a big thanks to all our clients, and candidates, that have supported our first five years, we will provide the same quality rec2rec service to you and to a greater number of clients in Australia, NZ , Asia and the UK, as well as broaden our services.  I hope the new brand demonstrates an even greater commitment from me to the industry and what we can do.

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