July 29, 2020 8:45 pm

You own your response and your contribution

“You own your response and your contribution” – Greg Savage.

I read this comment recently from Greg Savage and it resonated with me.  Some people always have someone or something to blame for why? Why they aren’t successful, why their desk is not where they want it to be, why that client is not dealing with them, why their personal brand is not front of mind.  Now they can blame COVID.  I speak to a lot of agency owners, especially now, and it’s been surprising of who in their teams has owned their response and contribution and who has not, sometimes it’s been their most inexperienced consultant that is navigating this new market with most success.

And why is that?  Attitude.

Attitude has nothing to do with experience.  Just because you are experienced doesn’t mean you are directing your response and contribution effectively to get results in this market.  It’s your attitude that will result in success.  It’s hard to maintain a positive attitude for what now seems will be an unknown period of time. This pandemic is mentally challenging, we went into it and then thought we were coming out of it but now with the situation in Victoria, which could easily happen elsewhere, some people won’t have the stamina.  This is going to be for the long hall, we’re in a marathon.  I think we’re all exhausted, the finish line keeps getting stretched just out of our reach and managing our response to accept that and stay positive is difficult!

I know from experience working for myself and working from home since February, having that upbeat tone in your voice every time you speak to a client is hard, sometimes it’s just hard to pick up the phone in the first instance.  But you have to.  If you don’t that hesitation and procrastination, even verging on fear of what to talk about with your client or their possible rejection of you, will accumulate and before you know it, it will manifest into anxiety, self-doubt and even depression.

If you can’t do it alone – be positive most of the time – reach out to people, ask for help to buoy your attitude.  Mention to your manager in your next one of one, be that in the office or from home, that you’re struggling as when you do reach out you’ll see your results change as your attitude will have changed.  Many business owners I speak to are saying some of their consultants are having close to personal bests – and why, attitude. Take responsibility for how you are responding to this pandemic professionally and ensure every phone call, every activity you undertake contributes to your client and candidate community.

Lisa Norris | Director, MRCSA

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