June 19, 2013 9:10 am

“Your message will be converted to text”

I shiver when I hear this voice message when I’m trying to contact a recruiter.  So I am ringing a recruiter and get this message, what I want to say is “Hi, it’s Lisa Norris from Norris & Partners.  It’s great to be in contact with you again.  We have an exciting opportunity to manage a sales and marketing team for a national specialist and I remember when we last met you highlighted this would be your next career step.  I’m really keen to tell you more about this opportunity so please call me on ….”  In the message I want to leave I convey that I’m excited and upbeat as I feel it’s a great opportunity for this candidate.  But when I hear, “your message will be converted to text” or “voice to text will also send your voicemail as a text”, at best the candidate will receive “Hi, it’s Lisa Nice (people always think this is my last name!) from Nice & Partners” and god knows what the rest will be converted to, and of course I can’t create a sense of urgency or interest.  So instead I change what I’m going to say and revert to “Hi, it’s Lisa Norris, call me on 02 9006 1146”.  Doesn’t have the same impact!

Or what about this message “please leave a short 10 second message after the tone” – as a recruiter how can I leave an informed message in 10 seconds?  Again all I can really say is “Hi, it’s Lisa Norris, call me on 02 9006 1146.” I get it – people with these message options are trying to receive short messages and/or are keeping call costs down.  I am the first to admit I have been known to call back when leaving a message as I run out of time!  But recruitment is about communication.  In a recent global survey by NFI Research 67% of senior executives and managers said their organisation and people would be more productive if they used personal communication (telephone, face to face) over email and sms.  I think as recruiters we should not use these voice options unless we have to.  It’s hard to recruit someone voice to text or in 10 seconds!

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

As an aside, thanks to everyone who gave us feedback about our rebrand and launch of new recruitment solutions: such as our Search process which now includes Client Assisted Searches (a product we are delivering more often and nationally); our business planning and retention training; our exit interviewing service; and relaunching FY14 our successful Talent Centre (our first for the new financial year will be in Sydney August 23).

You may have seen announced in Shortlist this week, we have launched a CEO bench to assist business owners when they need to take well-earned extended breaks from their recruitment business.  The financial impact of doing this is often so great many SME owners work year in, year out without a break.  One of Norris & Partners’ strengths has always been its’ senior level network within the local and offshore recruitment markets.  We can provide you with a contract CEO who not only can babysit your business while you are away, but often can deliver an improved result. Call me for more details!

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